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Media centers allow you a stylish and sophisticated way to store your television and all of your electronics. With enough room for a flat-screen television, Blu-ray or DVD players, video game consoles and all of the accessories that come with electronics, a media center certainly simplifies your living space so you are able to sit back, relax, and enjoy home media in comfort. When choosing media centers, you should keep a few things in mind so you make the best choice for your living room or den.>/p>

Choosing a media stand or console might seem a little tough at first, but after you take the tape measure out, it should be simple and easy. Make sure that you pick a media console that fits your space well. Not only measure the wall and area where the media console will go, but also measure the distance from the console to your sofa or recliner, or where you primarily watch TV or play games. These measurements assist you when purchasing all of your living room furniture, and ensuring that you are enjoying movies and shows at a good angle.

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing a media center is the color. Ensure that it already complements existing decor. If you are in the process of completely redoing your living room from top to bottom, instead of trying to match media consoles with existing furniture, you may want to opt for all new living room furniture. This includes new bookcases, shelving, coffee tables and your media console. Pottery Barn has a large selection of collections that match and complement each other so that your decor has a common theme. Remember that a room with white or light walls might do well with darker furniture. Walls of dens and family rooms that are a little bit darker are brightened up with white, gray and light beige furniture. Because a media console has the possibility of being the largest piece of furniture in the room, matching is important to create an overall effect.

Those with children or large pets at home may also want to take that into account when looking at media consoles. Be sure to protect small kids such as toddlers from bumping into sharp corners or knocking over televisions and other electronics that are too close to the edge. Look for a media console that is designed in a hutch style. These larger media centers have doors and drawers with magnetic locks, so it’s a little tougher for a curious toddler to get inside. They also have high shelving, so you are able to place prized possessions out of baby’s reach. These types of consoles also allow you to place a flat-screen television far enough away from little hands, or offer space for you to mount the television on the wall, completely out of baby’s vicinity. Large dogs may also have a tendency to bump into furniture, so always keep this in mind when making a new purchase.

Depending on your space at home, a media center is also a terrific complement to your home office. Invite clients over to watch projections on a large-screen television, or use a media center to hold computer items and accessories that you need for your business. It’s simple to match up colors and materials between home office and living room furniture. Deep, cherry woods and sleek black are excellent colors for use in a home office. A hutch, desk or matching office chair has the ability to really complete a room, turning your home office into a private, comfortable sanctuary.

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