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Furniture made by hand so you can make it your own. Living Designs Furniture features locally made and personally styled living room furniture for an affordable price. Each piece in our showroom is made by hand in our on-site factory. We are furniture people with a penchant for design, a devotion to quality, and a soft spot for our community. Choose from a wide variety of fabrics and designs to create a unique look reflective of your personal taste. Shop now and bring your living room to life!

For almost a quarter of a century, we have been quietly honing the craft of upholstered furniture construction in our own factory. We recently opened our showroom, just East of Downtown Houston, to provide our locally made furniture the public.

Our furniture can be made to serve any purpose, sculpted to any design, and tailored to your personal style for an affordable price. Choose from a wide variety of fabrics and designs or create your own custom masterpiece to create a unique look reflective of your personal taste. From rustic to modern and contemporary, chaise lounges, sofas or living room sets, the possibilities are endless. Bring your living room to life at Living Designs Furniture!


Established in 2015.

For almost a quarter of a century, Noah's Manufacturing has been quietly honing the craft of mattress and furniture construction. We were determined to raise industry standards, making the best products with the highest quality materials and construction processes. Our products were setting us apart and our brand name can be found in retail stores around the world. But, after two long decades of dealing with retailers, we learned that cost and price point were the main factors in determining which products would be made available to the public.

In 2012 we opened our factory doors to offer our mattresses as Texas Mattress Makers. With our own store we were able to create the type of experience we believe the public deserves by prioritizing the needs of the customer. After the success of Texas Mattress Makers, we are now pleased to present Living Designs Furniture, which will offer the same level of quality and value with one additional benefit - your personal style.

Meet the Manager

We have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!

LDF Values:
- We manufacture the best quality furniture in our own factory and sell them directly to customers, removing the middleman and providing true value.

- We are considerate to our customers and educate them about the product that they are interested in.

- We are honest in making sure all customers are fitted to their furniture in style, quality, and affordability.

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