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When selecting bedroom furniture, it is important to choose a size (physical dimensions) and scale (sense of appearance) that will fit the room. Small-scale, low profile bedroom furniture with few pieces that is placed in a large, high-ceilinged room will dwarf the furniture and lessen the overall design effect. In contrast, a large set with many pieces will overpower a room and may prohibit easy movement around the bedroom furniture. The number of pieces that can be comfortably placed in a bedroom is an important consideration in addition to the bedroom furniture design.

Measure the bedroom and sketch a layout of the bedroom furniture to be placed in the room. In addition to the bed, most people require a pair of bedside tables at a minimum. Consider the following:

  • The bed is the focal point of the bedroom.
  • Find the best wall against which to place your bed and then place additional bedroom furniture around the bed.
  • Think about storage, sitting, and working (dressing) spaces.
  • Try to avoid placing the bed under a window or where it will obstruct a doorway or walkway through the room.
  • Pay attention to the how closet and other doors open into the room.
  • Ensure you leave enough space to walk around comfortably in the bedroom.
  • If built-in closet space is a minimum, consider reserving space for a dresser or armoire.

Most of our beds have dimensions listed on our website, but you may use the following as guidelines when sketching a bedroom furniture layout. Add the following measurements to your bed sketch:

  • Headboard - 4 inches to bed length
  • Footboard - 4 inches to bed length
  • Bedcovering - 3 inches to bed width and length (if no footboard)
  • Platform - leave a comfortable space between the bed perimeter and the walls or other furniture
  • Allow approximately 18 inches around the bed for changing the linen.

A small bedroom does not dictate small furniture. A lesser number of larger bedroom furniture may fit your room and needs. For example, substitute a tall armoire in place of a small chest of drawers and a dresser. An armoire can add height and drama to a room and double as an entertainment center.

Be sure to consider adequate storage - TEMA Contemporary Furniture offers bedroom furniture with built-in storage or modular units. Or consider placing attractive storage baskets under a sleek frame design.

  • At a minimum, bedside tables should be as high as the mattress and proportional to the scale of your bed.

  • Clutter can affect the romance and feel of a room, so find storage spaces for spare change, jewelry and other items that may end up in a bedroom.

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