Small House Decoration Images

Willowcrest small house planOur small house plans are 2, 000 square feet or less, but they use their space creatively and efficiently and can seem larger than they actually are. Smaller houses are an economic choice, not only to build but to own, as they don't take as much to heat and cool, providing lower maintenance costs for their owners. We have just the perfect plan for everybody in this collection, whether you're looking for a truly simple and cost-effective home or one with luxury amenities and intricate detailing. Each of these homes can comfortably accommodate a family—most have three or four bedrooms and open, flowing floor plans—so don't get hung up on the fact that we call them small! There's plenty of variation within this collection, and you'll surely find a plan that you'll love to live in. If you need assistance finding a small house plan, please email, , or call us at 866-214-2242 and we'll be happy to help!

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