Small Lounge Furniture

Many families and couples are downsizing their homes to travel or save money. But just because your home is small, does not mean you can’t fit elegant furniture or big decorating dreams in a petite place.

Tiny Space & Full-Size Dreams

It may be hard to move into a small space, but it is easy to add personality or utilize furniture or décor, making the space a lot bigger than it may seem. I find that the balcony or outdoor space is the most essential get-away when tiny living. Whether an apartment, condo, or townhome, there is always a way to maximize outdoor space, so you can make it your next book nook, coffee corner, or secret garden.

You can make the most of your small balcony through furniture and décor. Light, small scale, stackable, or folding furniture takes up less space. Our wicker furniture is light and airy. We also carry lines that are made for small spaces, such as Oxford Garden! The Oxford Garden Torbay Collection is resin wicker with an antique finish, teak armcaps and tabletop. The furniture is more compact and comes in an array of colors and shapes to fit your needs.

Want to be able to fold away or move furniture out of the way to make more room? We have a new Outdoor Interiors line that has a seven piece dining set and stores in one easy unit. We also have stackable chaise lounge furniture and folding adirondack chairs, an easy way to open up the space, making it bigger.

Tall shelves and urns or vertical planters create vertical space. We have outdoor baker’s racks that can hold decorations or small plants. You can also use a trellis or tall houseplants to create walls, whether to make one space into two or make a screen for more privacy. Bamboo plants are wonderful privacy screens. Curtains are also a creative way to create a more secluded space.

There are a variety of ways to clear up valuable floor space. Furniture with storage inside de-clutters the floor and gives it another purpose. Our Gensun Paradise Collection has a storage end table, which has an umbrella hole and a door for storage. Keep diningware, towels, books, and more inside! Hanging planters or railing window boxes open everything up. Also, long or small planters take up less room. We have a beautiful new floral embossed flower box made from long-lasting galvanized steel, which matches with just about anything!

You want to add the perfect final touches to your small space by adding your personality, especially complimenting your indoor décor with your outdoor furnishings and décor. There are many different color and pattern options for your furniture cushions to make it easy to match your indoor style. We have great area rugs, wall art, outdoor clocks, candles, and decorations to make it feel like home.

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