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Characterized by the unique separation of space, House Plans with Split Master Bedrooms allow homeowners to create a functional arrangement of bedrooms that doesn’t hinder the flow of the main living area. These types of home plans can appear in either single-level or two-story homes, with many different possible room layouts, depending on the overall design of the house. In a single-story House Plan with Split Master Bedroom, the master suite typically appears on one side of the dwelling while the other bedrooms sit on the other, with the living room and kitchen sitting in-between. This reduces the need for hallways, which waste precious space and create disruptive divisions within the entertaining areas. Depending on the overall layout of the floor plan, the master bedroom may sit at the rear of the house or off to a single side, allowing for extra privacy inasmuch as it doesn’t share walls with the other bedrooms.

House Plans with Split Master Bedrooms for a two-or-more-story home plan frequently place the master on the ground floor, exclusively reserving the upper floors for the additional bedrooms. This type of floor plan layout is a common choice for families, especially those with older children, as it allows the parents to have easy access to their room while giving the children more space and independence. Because the children’s rooms are not on the main floor of the home plan, it also results in more space in the main living area. This can often allow for the creation of an open-floor-plan concept on the main floor, combining the kitchen, living room and dining room in a seamless flow. This house plan layout also makes it easier for aging homeowners to get access to the master bedroom because it doesn’t require climbing stairs.

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