Large Master bedroom Layout Ideas

Large Master Bedroom Layout Ideas | Home Design Ideas

The bedrooms featured here vary significantly in size, layout, color scheme, cost and consequently appearance. Some are ultra modern with little furniture while other bedrooms use up much of the space with design details such as wall art, plants, rugs, drapes and more.

While researching and putting this post together, one thing struck me and that’s how you can significantly improve a bedroom’s design without spending a great deal of money. This gallery features many smaller bedrooms that are the size found in many homes, yet they appear to be luxurious which was achieved with simple design elements such as a cohesive color scheme, nice bedroom furniture, plants, crown molding and small sitting areas.

You’ll notice that in many captions below I make mention of the sitting or reading areas. The reason for this is that adding this feature to your master bedroom interior design not only offers additional use for your room, but it creates a more luxurious space. If you’re looking for a great way to lounge comfortably in your bed – check out our bed lounger review (we’ve had one of these for 5 years).

Look closely at the smaller rooms… they have small sitting areas made up of two chairs and small table or in some cases a loveseat and a small table situated at the end of the bed. It’s a great use of space and adds a great deal to the overall design.

Of course, some of our featured bedrooms are luxurious in every sense of the word – private balconies, fireplaces, living rooms within the bedrooms, extravagant master bathrooms, large plants, wall art, custom furniture, four-poster beds, rich wood flooring and rugs, tray ceiling, custom lighting, alcoves, bay windows and million dollar views.

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