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You are definitely the most stylish of the group. Having lived with almost everyone at one point or another, you are highly adaptable. Being incredibly social, you are almost never actually home, so you can keep really nice furniture really clean (lucky for the Monica in your crew).

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You take care of your people — so you're always ready if one of them needs to sleep on the couch. Your friends always know that they can count on you for a helping hand, but they anticipate that the cost is a joke at their expense.

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You're a natural homemaker who just wants to make your friends so comfortable that they ~never leave~. You also always have snacks on hand for when you (inevitably!) get stuck with stuffing all your drunk pals into the car at the end of the night.

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You are single and ready to mingle! You are charming as hell and very low-maintenance — to the point that you didn't even notice that you dripped a little marinara on the white couch until one of your buds asked about the questionable stain.

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Some may call your style eccentric, but you prefer to call it alluring. Though strangers might be a bit confused by your weirdo humor, you have your friends cracking up the second you walk through the door.

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