Living room layout ideas

living room layout fireplace and TV 10-1A typical living room layout has comfy sofas to relax in, center and side tables for your accessories and stuffs, a fireplace to keep you warm, and an entertainment area with a television to bring you fun and enjoyment. Arrangement of fireplace and TV may be challenging though so we put up a list for you on how to do it.

Symmetrical living room layout fireplace and TV.

Project a balanced and peaceful look in your living room by having a TV over Fireplace set-up with a symmetrical arrangement of furniture for an easy flow of traffic. Having this set-up makes the fireplace and TV the focal point of the room and this also makes it easily accessible for everyone.

Varied walls for a fireplace and TV layout.

Create two interesting spots in your living room by making your fireplace and TV a focal point on their own. Have varied features to them to make them stand out and appealing to look at. Achieve both a warm and classy atmosphere by having a Cobblestone Fireplace that complements and contrast the classical TV area.

Narrow living room layout with fireplace & TV.

Take advantage of having a narrow living room and make use of the big space by having the fireplace and TV in a separate wall. Make it visible and accessible by placing a massive sectional sofa for a sync result. Also place two lounge sofas with footstools in front of the fireplace for a more inviting aura.

living room layout fireplace and TV 1TV over fireplace layout of a living room.

A TV over Fireplace idea is very ideal for a small living room to optimize space and to create a strong focal area. Have a Cobblestone Fireplace in your neutral palette room to magnify the warm feeling and also add in tufted sofas to up the classic and charm factor.

Fireplace beside a TV layout for a living room.

Arrange different areas for your fireplace and TV to define their functions but unify them by placing everything on one wall and having a Cobblestone platform below them. Incorporate wooden features as a Fireplace Mantel and as an entertainment cabinet for your television.

Fireplace and TV on separate wall layout.

Make your living room layout engaging by having your fireplace and TV in a separate wall. Give emphasis on your fireplace though by setting an impressive wall feature giving significance to the high ceiling and its stunning features. Arrange the sofas in a flexible manner to make it easy for reconfiguration.

living room layout fireplace and TV 1-1TV over fireplace with sectional sofa layout.

Combine your TV over fireplace layout with a sectional type of sofa for total relaxation and comfort. Define your television by framing it with wood that match the wooden bookshelves beside it. Make your living room homier by having lounge armchairs that you can pull beside the fireplace.

Corner fireplace beside a TV layout.

Give your living room corner character by installing your Cobblestone Fireplace there and place your television beside it where it is very viewable from the sofa. Maximize both the space and your viewing experience by choosing a snug sectional sofa with snuggly pillows.

Corner TV over fireplace layout for a living room.

Maximize space better by installing your TV over fireplace set-up at a corner in your living room. Distinguish these two further by having them in a textured wall and a lighter shade than the rest of the walls making it a notable feature in the room. Integrate your fireplace and TV with the room by also choosing black-colored furniture.

living room layout fireplace and TV 2Corner TV beside a fireplace layout.

Make use of that angled space in your living room and make it into a prominent feature with your fireplace and TV. Let your fireplace be the center of attention in your warm living room and create a play of materials that run up to the ceiling. Enclose your television on the corner with a material that complements with the rest of the room.

Corner TV on an angled living room layout.

If entertainment is vital to your family, then stress its importance by placing your TV in the corner of your living room. Blend your television by placing it in a recessed cabinet and define your fireplace by having it in a Cobblestone material so it’ll be noticeable despite not being placed in the center of the area.

TV beside a fireplace for an accent living room wall.

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Make use of your fireplace and television as details to an amazing accent wall. Randomly place them in an unorthodox way adding an interesting and unique attribute to your living room. Magnify the creativity by creating a unique combination of bricks and woods further accentuated with spot lights.

We are in the modern times of having both fireplace and television as the basic necessities of our living room. As much as we need the warmth provided by our fireplace, we also can’t deny the entertainment and joy our television brings to us after a long day and for those much needed breaks. Let us be innovative instead and transform these two as essential parts of our living room, function and aesthetic-wise.


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living room layout fireplace and TV 4-1 living room layout fireplace and TV 5 living room layout fireplace and TV 6-1 living room layout fireplace and TV 7

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