lounge layout ideas

furniture layoutParty furniture can add so much to an event. Why incorporate lounge and other furniture into your event design?
  • Give guests a place to sit and relax
  • Offer a place for guests to talk semi-privately
  • Provide the opportunity to socialize
  • Fill larger venue space
  • Build up the theme
  • Suggest where to (and where not to) stand, sit, gather, socialize or avoid
Event furniture serves many purposes. The obvious are giving people a place to sit, a place to socialize, and a place to be somewhat private. Event furniture, however, also benefits the timeline of an event or protects the boundaries of an event venue by “suggesting” what guests do and where to do it. For example, if there is a bunch of electrical equipment around outlets in one corner of the room, cover it up with some themed lounge furniture. Lounge furniture also can add a stylistic element to an event. Go with furniture that fits your event design, look and tone—in other words, go with themed furniture.

Outdoor Party Seating

Outdoor party seating and outdoor lounge furniture can be arranged on an open lawn, a patio or veranda space, or underneath special tenting depending on your event venue and your event goals. Here are some of our favorite outdoor party furniture ideas:
  • Chunky lounge furniture in all white. This is a sleek, chic party look that goes with so many different event themes and designs whether the furniture is arranged out in the open or in a small section of your event space.
  • Long sectionals with color blocking. With the base in one color and the cushions in another, a long sectional outdoor seating area creates a special section of private seating.
  • Multiple seating areas in themed colors and in a single style. Many event spaces—especially in Boston—offer several private areas to enjoy an event, away from the main entertainment area. Use small outdoor verandas, patios, porches, fire pits or other areas to create a series of private or semiprivate seating areas to give guests the opportunity for more intimate conversations. Be sure to utilize the same style or color palate to pull through the design throughout the space.
  • Special tenting. Rent a tent that serves as a canopy for a seating area separate from the main dining or entertaining area, such as a cabana or series of cabanas.
  • Lighting above the lounge furniture. Hang strings of lights directly above the lounge furniture as an added feature of the amazing seating area.

Party Seating Ideas for Small Spaces

Not all venues are as spacious as we’d like. Use these tactics to get all of the benefits of lounge seating at an event without using quite as much space:
  • Lighted cubes. Especially when paired with a lighted Lucite bar, lighted cubed seating (colored!) is a modern, sleek and festive way to provide extra seating at a cocktail party or event.
  • Cushions, Moroccan style! Arrange cushions throughout your lounge area as extra seating for less formal events and gatherings.
  • Sectionals . . . separated. Separate the sectional pieces to allow for walking space between seating.

Party Seating Floor Plans

Here are some of our favorite party seating floor plans that can be used in the most common of venue layouts to maximize your event style, design and space:

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