Drawing room ceiling

With a traditional style, the Drawing Room ceiling fan by Monte Carlo features a 56” blade sweep, five blades and an integrated downlight. Drawing Room is wet-rated so it can be used both indoors and out. The light tea stained glass light shade and roman bronze housing is a handsome touch to any room. CFM (cubic feet of air per minute) is 6, 371 for powerful airflow and speed is controlled with a chain pull. Optional remote control is compatible and may be purchased separately. Coordinating light fixtures for the Drawing Room fan can be seen at Feiss.com.
Product #: 5ED56RBD
Light Kit: Integrated
3 Candelabra 40w Max. (included)
Height: Fan: 19 5/16''
Min. Ceiling Height: 7 31/32'
Listings: Safety Listed for Wet Locations
Safety Listed for Wet Locations
Downloads Instructions (English)
Instructions (French)
Parts List
HTML Specification Sheet
PDF Specification Sheet
Hi-Res Images
Details: Canopy: Diameter: 5 29/32''
Fixture is operated with a pull chain
Wish List
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