Living room and dining room Ideas

Don't let space constraints cramp your style. Setting up a Pinterest-worthy home is easier
than you think.

Want more tips? Here are 8 tips from our stylists for designing a small room, apartment or home.

1. Scale down
(and style up)

Considering scale—the visual size of objects in relation to one another—is key. Small spaces can quickly become overwhelmed by even one disproportionately sized couch so stay away from over-scaled furniture. Instead, pair a side chair or two with a smaller-scaled sofa or settee.

3. Show some leg

Choosing lofty, leggy furniture is another light-enhancing trick. When light passes below sofas, chairs + dressers and you see more of the floor, the room feels brighter and airier, and furniture has less visual heft.

5. Zone out

Small space living can sometimes feel like you're trapped with nowhere to go. Create "zones" within a single space to create the illusion of multiple rooms. Try using rugs and furniture placement to define different areas and activities (dining, relaxing, working). And if you're living in a studio apartment, open bookshelves or a strategically placed curtain can serve as a room divider or privacy screen.

6. Know your (color) limits

For small spaces, that's generally two or three primary hues, max—any more and it'll start to feel chaotic. Stick with a light, muted palette to keep the room feeling spacious and bright. Use accessories like pillows, throws and bedding to add in pops of color.

7. Make 'em multi-task

To save space, choose pieces that do double-duty—like a sleeper sofa that turns your living room into a guest room, a bed with storage drawers, or a coffee table that hides a pop-up desk.

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