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Decorating a living and dining room with inspirational photos is a great way to make sure that you always have something nice wherever you look. Decorate a living and dining room with inspirational photos with help from an interior and life designer in this free video clip.

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Hi, I'm Carol Ruth Weber of Weber Life Design here at Safavieh Home Furnishings wonderful outlet center to talk about decorating a living room or dining room with beautiful photos. Photos remind us of people from our past, present, and of beautiful vacation shots and things like that. So they make wonderful artwork to actually to use to decorate the home with. When decorating with photos if you have a long wall is the perfect place to put a gallery. You could actually create your own gallery of photos. If you use the same frames this is more contemporary look with a mixture of frames such as these you create a more designer look that is a very eclectic look and can be very attractive. The gallery wall will look beautiful for guests entering and it presents just a homey feeling, a place for people to actually look like it's in the gallery. Another option is to put photos of course on a lovely piano, a fireplace mantle, a sofa table, or use a shelving unit like this to put and display your photos on. A little curio cabinet in the dining room looks beautiful with photos as well. There's so many places to show off your photos and so many different photos to show off. Show off your family but you also want to show off your wonderful travel. Show off those sunset vistas and the beautiful buildings of Europe that you've seen or the farmland. Anything that will bring back a nice memory and looks beautiful on the wall. It's your taste, it's what you want and what you want to show off and what you will be happy with. There are also wonderful sites to upload your own photo, or a picture, or great piece of artwork that enlarges them to huge mural size. This is a great place to upload this and then you can hang this huge mural on a wall maybe behind the sofa for people to be fascinated about and wonder where you got this idea. Also, create a collage. Have the whole family involved and this is a great activity for the kids to take their favorite pictures of their trips or favorite aunts and uncles, grandparents, and make a collage in a large frame. You could group the collage on the wall. You could just have fun. Whatever you do remember those lost, remember those that are still around. Have fun with your photos and never be afraid to dance.

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