Small Sitting Chairs

Sitting Is Killing You Slowly

You'll probably be surprised at how much evidence there is out there that sitting is terrible for our bodies, and not just for our lower backs. Studies have shown over and over that sitting long periods of the day (as we almost all do) has disastrous effects our cellular and metabolic health. Here's a quick list of how researchers have shown sitting affects the body: Almost immediately after sitting down, (1) metabolic activity and caloric consumption slow dramatically (70% less than even just walking). (2) Sitting several hours every day increases insulin resistance (leads to type-II diabetes) and (3) increases LDL (aka "bad cholesterol"). These effects in turn lead to lower energy levels, increased weight gain and even lower life expectancy and greater risk of colon and breast cancer.

Our Bodies Were Not Designed To Sit

The image below on the left shows proper spine curvature. The muscles around our spine are designed to support and work in relation to this natural curvature. With the spine in this alignment, the muscles of the low-back engage and relax naturally.

The image on the right illustrates how the curvature of our spine changes when we are sitting. The forward curvature of the lumbar section is gone. As a result, muscles are forced to engage to stabilize this un-natural curvature. This isn't necessarily a problem in itself, except that when we sit, we tend to sit for long periods of time. The muscles of our low-back barely move and end up tensing around this un-natural curvature of the spine. If we sit long/often enough, the tensing will persist even when we stand again (enter sore/tense low-backs). The more you sit without stretching the muscles, the worse the problem gets.

Exacerbating the problem is the fact that while your spine is in this un-natural curvature, it's also under compression (by the weight of your upper body). This means that for long periods of time, the discs and muscles of your low-back are being compressed while in an unnatural, static position. Again, not good.

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