Modern Decor for Living room

Gallery of Modern Decor For Living Room Cool For Interior

Bring out the beauty of your home and turn it into an exhibit that reflects your personality. At west elm, our collection of pillows, throws, poufs and accessories make it easy for you find and create a collection of beautiful decor pieces that suit your taste and fit your lifestyle. Choose items that increase your comfort level, like luxuriously soft pillows and throws, trinkets and decor that add beauty, organization aids and thoughtful gifts for loved ones and friends.

Modern Home Decor and Pillows

Turn simple furniture into plush seating you can sit back and relax into when you choose in soft, earth-toned colors to blend in with deep brown sofas or dark wooden end tables. Or, pick vibrant colors and patterns to add a splash of color to the room. Mix and match pillows from the same color family with bolsters featuring different textures to create an artistic, welcoming display. Our pillow covers are made from many different types of fabric, giving you a wide array of choices, and most either can go in the washer or be easily spot cleaned with a damp cloth.

Room Accents

Enhance the welcoming aura of a room with that stimulate conversation and add the character of an art gallery to plain tables. Arrange our decor pieces in groupings with vases alongside sculptures, candles and botanicals. Set out a log holder and fireplace tools, and add planters and terrariums filled with live plants for a natural touch.


Take pride in your well-kept home when you simplify tasks with our organization collection. Being organized starts when you walk in the door, with coat and key hooks, shoe racks, umbrella holders and heavy door stops. Baskets, bins, trays and jewelry boxes neatly hold all kinds of small things, and our offerings also include useful things to organize a home office and your laundry room.

Accessories and Gifts

Be ready to show how much you care when any gift-giving opportunity presents itself with, pouches and zippered weekend bags. Or, choose electric and tech items like speakers, fans and cases for mobile devices as presents for the technophiles on your gifting list.

Features and Great Values

Be the first to decorate your home with the newest items from our What’s New collection. Add monogrammed pillows, throws and picture frames for a personal touch, or check out our Great Values section to browse through our specials on baskets, decorative boxes, vases and candleholders.

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