Best Wall Decor for Living room

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3. Too matchy-matchy
Your art is the best opportunity to break free from the confines of color palettes, so don't get stuck thinking you can only display art that has a mix of the colors that are in the rest of the space.

4. Not thinking the wall collage through
Only the very lucky can brave their way through eye-balling hanging a wall collage and end up with the best outcome. It doesn't matter what methods or tricks you use, just use one that will allow you to get the feel of your wall collage plans — experience whether it will come off feeling energetic or calm —before you start banging a bunch of holes in your wall.

5. Not enough variety
It's called the art gallery effect, and it's when you hang the exact same type of art on every wall in every room of your home. It's also known as "boring." Switch up canvases and framed art. Hang tapestries. Pin up quilts. Find a collection of all farm tools to attach to a wall. The point is, search far and wide for art pieces so it doesn't end up looking like there should be a wine and cheese table in the corner.

6. Filling every wall up
We've talked about negative space before, and it's an important topic, because the very truth of the matter is not every wall needs to be filled with an art piece. This can be tough for folks who collect a lot of art, but it's the kind of restrictions that could lead to lovelier, less hectic spaces.

7. Not layering to connect art to the rest of the decor
Go ahead — place that floor lamp right in front of a hanging painting. Allow a few leaves of a plant to sneak in front of a framed photo. Connect your art to the rest of the space — and create a more sophisticated room in the process —by layering your decor.

8. Not hanging things securely or properly
Speaking of crooked artwork, are you only hanging art with one nail, so it's always tilting out of place every time someone's slammed a door? You don't have to bolt every frame into your walls like a themed restaurant, but don't let the excitement of hanging something up get in the way of thoroughly thinking out what kind of hanging tools and hardware your art pieces need to go up securely (and stay that way).

9. Only sticking to walls
Leaning isn't for everyone, but if you're not at least experimenting with different places to put art, you're missing out. Next time you're feeling restless, lean a few pieces of art against the back of your couch. Or on top of a dresser. Just play with the idea of taking art off the walls and mixed into the rest of your home.

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