Interior design living room Apartment

2. A characterful bathroom

© homify / Homestories scandinavian Bathroom by Homestories

Effortlessly characterful, the next thing we have learned from this small apartment is that bathrooms don't need to lack charm, no matter how small they might be.

This setup boasts charismatic patterned floor that adds plenty of eye-catching beauty to the room. Paired with the timber vanity and large mirror, this room is definitely a winning design.

3. Cosy living

© homify / Homestories scandinavian Living room by Homestories

Cosy and inviting, the living room to this lovely apartment is full of ideas you could replicate in your own abode. The dining area is situated closest to the window, and includes a bench seat, while the sofa is simple, effortlessly comfy and sophisticated.

A round rug is the final touch, ensuring the room is usable and warm underfoot.

4. Bringing in the light

© homify / Homestories scandinavian Kitchen by Homestories

The apartment has maximised its natural light by removing curtains on the main living room window. This ensures a huge volume of natural sunlight is able to stream inside, keeping the space tranquil and serene.

If you want to emulate this in your own home but would still like a little privacy sheer curtains or white timber venetians can work well as an alternative.

5. Colourful touches to add bright features

© homify / Homestories scandinavian Living room by Homestories

Colourful touches are added throughout the home, and this is easily witnessed in the living space. The wall mural and motif adds character, while the bright throw cushions keep the room wonderfully cosy, engaging and energetic.

6. Minimalist joinery

© homify / Homestories scandinavian Kitchen by Homestories

7. Neutral tones and plenty of storage

© homify / Homestories scandinavian Bedroom by Homestories

Finally, we head back into the bedroom to take on final peek at the neutral hues that have been implemented. Earthy yet engaging, the collection of neutral and white hues keep the space feeling wonderfully cohesive, the artwork is eye-catching, while the suspended lamps work brilliantly in lieu of side tables.

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