Feng Shui Furniture Arrangement

width="210"Basic Guidelines

  1. The living room should be regular in shape.
  2. The living room should be neither too small nor too big. It must have enough room to allow the energy move around.
  3. It should be located in the outer half of the house.
  4. Hang a large family portrait to enhance the importance of the family members.
  5. The living room must not be higher than the dining room.
  6. Do not have a mirror reflecting the main door.
  7. Avoid poison arrows or protruding corners in the living room.
  8. Keep the living room well lit, best achieved with a crystal chandelier.
  9. Do not place furniture under exposed beams.
  10. Do not display pictures of fierce or aggressive animals in the living room.
  11. Enhance the elements of the each corner using element energizers.
  12. Avoid exposed shelves in the living room, as this can send out killing energy.

Auspicious Furniture Arrangements

  1. Activate The 4 Celestial Animals
  • Place the main sofa (3 or 4 seater) against a solid wall to represent the Black Tortoise. On the right of the main sofa, place a one-seater to simulate the White Tiger. Place a 2-seater on the left side to represent the Green Dragon. Place a coffee table in front to symbolize the Phoenix. This arrangement will attract good fortune and creates protective luck for the family.
  • Use a Solid Wall as Backing for Support Luck
  • Place the largest sofa against a solid wall if possible, to signify solid support.
  • The secondary sofa can have windows behind them.
  • Have a Balanced Door:Window Ratio
  • It is best not to have 2 doors or more in the living room. If so, it is advisable to close some of them. As for windows, the ratio of window to doors should not exceed 3:1. Use curtains to hide the presence of windows if there are too many. (Transparent sliding doors to reveal the view of the garden do not count as windows.)

Examples of Bad Furniture Arrangements

  1. L-shaped Arrangement
    Avoid this type of arrangement for furniture, as it conjures up an unbalanced and incomplete feel for the room. It also forms an arrow, creating an inauspicious secret poison arrow.
  2. Disjointed Arrangement
    If furniture is arranged without any focal point, it does nothing to attract good fortune. The energy flows are then equally disorganized.
  3. Floating Arrangement
    If you display the furniture without any proper pattern or arrangement and without the backing of walls, the luck of the family is unstable. Friendships and networking will be on shifty ground. Try and achieve some order in the way you arrange your settee and other furniture.
  4. Blocking The Flow Of Chi
    Avoid too many pieces of furniture causing the living room to become crowded. The chi gets stagnant and blocked, creating obstacles to success for family members.

Activate the Elements in the Living Room

Southeast: Enhance this wood sector with water elements such as blue curtains, cushions and rugs, or a water feature or aquarium to bring wealth luck.

South: Use red curtains, cushions and lights here to activate the fire element of this sector. This brings recognition and fame luck.

Southwest: Use red and ochre coloured décor here to strengthen the element of the sector to bring good relationship luck. Also enhance with lights or a crystal chandelier.

East: Use wood elements such as potted plants, flowers and cane furniture to enhance this corner to bring good health luck.

West: Display a portrait of family members with gold frame here to bring harmonious family luck and to activate the metal element.

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