Elegant Living room Decorating Ideas

Decorating Ideas: Elegant Living Rooms | Traditional Home

Sophisticated and comfortable, livable luxury is a hallmark of elegant rooms. Browse our gallery and find inspiration to create an elegant living room with plush furniture, refined finishes, and opulent accessories. Build an elegant living room design around graceful neutrals or a jewel-tone palette that you can personalize with lavish textiles, gilded frames, polished-metal fixtures, and tufted furnishings. Set the tone for a timeless living room with a soothing palette of creamy whites, dusty grays, and sage green. Discover how to create high-impact style and play up the glitz and glam with crystal chandeliers, metallic wall coverings, and mirror-faced tables that maximize your space and boost its appeal. Create a transparent transition between indoors and out with silk or sheer window treatments or accent windows with crushed velvet upholstery embellished with fringe and tassels. Explore our living room pictures to see how elegant living spaces stage an alluring interplay between meant-to-be-touched textures and richly jeweled hues. An elegant living room can take on many personalities, whether it is opulent and ornamented or sleek and restrained. Get inspired by our favorite elegant living rooms and start creating your own elegant look now.

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