Bedroom Furniture for a Small Bedroom

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When buying furniture for your small bedroom, maximize your investment with pieces that are actually double agents. For a bed that is equal parts comfort and function, choose one that includes a built-in dresser. Perched atop drawers on one or both sides, a captain's bed is a great way to add underbed storage with style.

Nightstands with drop-down leaves can double as on-command desks, lidded ottomans can stash away linens and provide seating for putting on shoes, and window seats with storage space below offer up a cozy spot to read or relax. Wall-mounted lights brighten up bedtime reading while also freeing space on nightstands for other accents. Invest in a stylish armoire for both beautiful decoration and a smart place to keep clothing or hide a TV and other electronics.

Trick the Eye

A few smart purchases can fool the eye into believing your small bedroom is larger than its actual footprint. The most critical element, of course, is the bed. It might seem counterintuitive, but bigger can be better for this focal point piece. Buying something with height, such as a four-poster bed or a tall headboard, will force the eye upward and create the illusion of volume. Also, placing the bed against the wall will free up floor space for other furniture and create the sense of more room. Daybeds and bunk beds are space-saving solutions that are particularly well-suited to a guest room or child's room that doesn't require a large bed.

Light wood tones or white-painted furniture visually expand a small room. Likewise, a dresser, vanity or other pieces with mirrors allow light to bounce around and continue the optical illusion. A monochromatic design where every accent piece is a similar color is also helpful, as each element appears to blend into the next and the eye sees everything as one large space. Horizontal stripes on the walls can make the room seem wider, while hanging window treatments at ceiling level make it seem taller.

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