Arrange room Furniture

How to Arrange Living Room Furniture

One of the great things about moving is the chance to start over in a new place, and by using floor plans, you can create a unique space that works well for you.

With the help of some great online tools, creating that perfect new space is even easier. As I've mentioned in previous articles, we're in the process of planning our next move. And since we already know what the layout of our new home will be, I'm starting to plan where everything will fit.

This is also a good project to undertake before you even begin to pack up your home to move. Knowing the size of space you're moving into, how it's set-up, can help determine what should move with you and what should be left behind.

Furniture Arranging Sites with Free Templates

  • Ikea provides guides for arranging furniture by various rooms, including the kitchen and storage options. Free and easy to use, this is a good place to start.
  • Autodesk Homestyler is a great free tool that allows you to design a room in 3D or arrange furniture using a more traditional tool. Both are easy to use with inspiration provided by some before and after examples.
  • Room Styler is a great place to start as well. It's professional style and tips offers a lot of information and tools in one place and it's in 3D so you can see just how a room might look. Plus, their use of color helps to imagine more than just furniture layout; you can see how color might work together in a space. Takes a little time to get your room started, but once you do there's lots of great stuff here to use. Highly recommended.

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