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Are you moving into a new apartment? Rearranging your current rental space? Or simply looking for a way to fit your furniture into your small apartment living room? If you need help with your furniture layout, I’ve got four furniture layout floor plans that I’ve created to share with you today. Each floor plan is set in a somewhat typical apartment living room floor plan- a 10 foot by 14 foot rectangular space. While in the same setting, each floor plan has a separate, specific goal in mind; pick which fits your home and let’s get space planning!

1. The Traditional Furniture Layout.

This particular layout is designed in a traditional format. The furniture includes an apartment-size sofa, an overstuffed chair, a coffee table, an end table and a TV stand. Anchor your space with a large area rug, such as an 8 foot by 10 foot rug. If you have a television, find the best place for viewing from all angles and start the design by placing your television there.

Next, place your largest piece of furniture- typically, the sofa- directly across from the television. Set up your accessory furniture, such as the chair and tables, around the sofa as shown.

2. The Excess Seating Furniture Layout.

Are you in need of a layout that provides you with extra seating? This design is a twist on the traditional layout but provides you with additional space for seating if you have extra people to accommodate. Instead of a regular sofa, add a small “L-shaped” sectional sofa to the room along with two slipper chairs. Choose a slipper chair that is designed without arms to give you an extra seat without the extra bulk. You may not have room for a side/end table due to the addition of the larger sectional sofa, but you can make up for that by adding a larger coffee table that each seat can access from around the room.

3. The Dining Space + Living Space Furniture Layout.

Some apartments and rental homes do not have separate dining and living room spaces. Instead, you may need to plan to accommodate your dining and living furniture in the same room. This layout solves that dilemma!

Start by anchoring each distinct space with a separate area rug. In the sketch layout, I used a round rug and placed a round table over the rug to create a comfy round dining area. On the other side of the room, I added a smaller rectangular rug along with an apartment-sized sofa, a coffee table and a television hung on the wall. Hanging your television on the wall is the ultimate space saver; if you’re not permitted to do so, place the TV on the thinnest television cabinet that you can find in order to optimize your newly divided space.

4 The Open Concept, Kid-Friendly Furniture Layout.

If you are like me, you have small kiddos and need to maximize any space you have for them to play. Kids toys take up so much space! An open-concept layout like this certainly maximizes your small living room’s potential. Place a sectional sofa in the corner of the room (even if it’s up against a window like this layout, that’s fine!) and then place two small arm chairs on the far side of the room. You’ll see that I placed the television on the wall behind the two chairs; for television viewing, simply rotate the chairs around to face the TV. Otherwise, the two chairs face the sectional sofa and coffee table for optimal socialization.

These four furniture layout ideas help promote four separate space planning goals, including a traditional format, an excess seating layout, a combination dining and living space and an open-concept layout. Hopefully one of these fits the goals for your small apartment or rental home living room and can help you to design the best furniture layout for your space!

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