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With a virtual room decorator you can imagine and envision the exact characteristics of your new room design online to help you choose the appropriate fixtures, cabinets, furniture or materials to create your dream. Maybe you are looking to remodel just one room of your house at a time like a kitchen remodel. With Lowe’s easy to use Virtual Room Designer you can reinvent each room in your house, from top to bottom, online.” Envisioning a new interior design for your home is as simple as a point and click.

You can design a room 3D, by creating variations of your virtual room space, mixing and matching colors, finishes and materials. When completed, just print your virtual room design to begin to create your redesigned space. Moreover, with a virtual room painter you can pick your favorite paint colors and virtually paint your interior room. Find interior design paint ideas with Better Homes & Gardens Color-A-Room Tool. The choice of furnishings in your home embodies your persona and lifestyle, making it important to choose furniture and fixtures carefully. This tool is especially helpful if your home is still under construction. Behr’s 2016 Color Trends will help consumers pick the best 2016 paint colors for their projects while providing a glimpse of how rooms appear in different tones.

Nevertheless, it is a challenge to envision products and materials in your own home's space. Some fixture, tile and flooring companies provide free virtual room design software to use on their sites to show you how to build your floor plan, even add windows or extra walls, choose and place fixtures and cabinets, and then print a completed interior design to show your architect or builder.

The American Olean Tile Planner is a virtual room design feature that allows visitors to envision different tile products in their future room addition or remodel. The American Olean virtual room planner iPad tool lets you choose between their photography with standard fixtures and furnishings or use your own photograph of your space. You first select a surface - floor, upper wall, tiled wall, or tile trim. From there you pick tile style, color, size, etc. When you design a room 3D, you can envision your finished remodeling project all the way to the final coat of paint.

Virtual Planner

Using 3D bathroom design tools for a new addition or remodel will save not only time, but money in the choice of bathroom fixtures. Does It Fit is the online room planner software that Bathroom Design Guide provides its visitors. This virtual room design feature lets you see what items you can fit into your space before you begin the work. Their planning tool for virtual design will enable you to select various fixtures to give an idea of how and where you can place these items in your space. This online bath design tool provides the most popular fixture sizes available and also allows you to add extra walls, more space and windows. With Bathroom Design Guide room planner, you can even place a person in your virtual room to give you an idea of how much space you have to move around in as you begin your morning routine.

Interior Design Software

The average virtual room design software offered online are not always sophisticated enough to create all the details of your dream room. This is where interior design software will provide all the tools necessary to create your finished plan. These programs have an advanced graphical interface and offer a large selection of objects and furnishings for arranging within rooms. In addition to bathroom and kitchen fixtures, the software typically includes windows, patio doors, bookcases, tables, trees—even a pool. If you have tried out an online room planner and decided that it isn't enough, then you should see if a more expensive software program offers a free trial to explore its features.

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