Ways to Decorate Living room

Variety of Green PlantsSummer is a great time to give your living room a fresh look, especially if you’ll be having company over. The following ideas can help you decide how to decorate your living room for the warmer months of the year.

Miniature Garden

Having some greenery in your living room during summer is the perfect way to spruce it up. All you have to do is take a tray table and arrange a variety of small plants on it. You can choose variations of the same plant, or go with completely different plants for a more eye-catching look.

Accent Pillows

These small pillows provide you with an easy way to give your living room a new look. Choose pillows in colorful tones for your couch, love seat and armchair to brighten them up. If you have solid furniture, you can choose pillows with a floral or striped patten on them.

Picture Frames

Put photos on display while adding seasonal colors to your living room with vibrant picture frames. Choose frames in a variety of bright colors rather than traditional black, silver or gold frames. Place these frames on shelves, tables and other surfaces around your living room, or arrange frames in one area for added visual appeal.

Natural Decor

Bring seasonal decor into your living room for a natural look. Fill decorative bowls with fresh fruit that’s in season, summer flowers or even pebbles or seashells. Place these on a coffee table or side table.

Area Rug

Another easy way to decorate your living room is by adding an area rug. Choose a solid-colored rug that has lighter or brighter tones, or pick a rug with a seasonal pattern, such as flowers. This rug can brighten up your living room floor, and it’s simple enough to change it when you want a new look.

Colorful Lamps

Switch heavier brass lamps on side tables with ones that have a lighter texture and color scheme. If you don’t have any tabletop lamps, adding one or two to your living room gives you more light to read and some extra color.

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