Small living room Makeover

Before & After: Decorating a 1950s Bungalow | Furniture, Chairs

1. Think foundation first
In the before photo, you’ll notice a traditional rug underneath the coffee table which, in another space, could totally work. But here it’s too small to make an impact. In its place, we rolled out the hill-side disintegrated floral grey rug, a rich, plush option that fills out the floor and adds instant comfort underfoot.

2. Set the tone with your sofa style and placement
An overstuffed black sofa looks straight out of a boring bachelor pad. Taking its place: a sleek savile grey sofa that combines the tufted look with clean, straightforward lines. It’s sophisticated without being stuffy, modern without being too of-the-moment. And by positioning it against the far wall, we opened up the room and allowed those stunning windows to take center stage. Top it with a few pillows—lizzy black leather, butterfly black and white, icelandic shorn sheepskin—for fun finish.

3. Speaking of center stage, seriously consider your curtains and lighting
Even with all of that natural light streaming in, this room feels sparse and cold without curtains. To create a warm, cocoon-like environment, we hung natural linen curtain panels on either side of the window. This layering effect adds texture in a dramatic way. Then to counter all that drama, our saturday floor lamp rises in the corner as a simple, sleek silhouette. When the curtains are drawn, it lights up the room without being too showy.

4. Extra seating is always welcome
Before this makeover, that black sofa offered the room’s only place to sit. Rather than make guests stand or (god forbid) sit on the floor, consider stools. This pair of curator hide stools look handsome opposite the sofa, plus they’re easy to move around on a whim.

5. Round things out with a circular coffee table
Why do we love the haven coffee table? Let us count the (at least three) ways: 1) It combines a modern mix of materials: white marble, natural rattan, and tempered glass. 2) It takes up significant square footage to fill out the room, but its rattan base is still airy and open. 3) It’s low to the ground, i.e. perfectly casual and convenient for resting drinks.

6. A mirror expands the look of everything
By leaning our six-foot-tall acacia wood mirror against the wall, this room looks instantly bigger. Pair it with a substantial piece of art that fills out the wall much better than before.

8. Plants add a breath of fresh air, literally
Besides purifying the air, houseplants bring natural color and zest to any room—especially in the winter months. In this case, all it takes is a single fiddle leaf fig plant placed in the corner to make a world of difference.

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