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A comfortable bedWe spend a large amount of time sleeping in our beds, so they are one of the most important home furniture products that we purchase. It makes no sense to go through life with the wrong size of bed, or an uncomfortable frame. The average person needs around eight hours of sleep each night, and the quality of your slumber is influenced by the quality of your bed.

Whether you are looking for a new single, double or king-sized bed, you need to kit out your child's bedroom, or you are seeking a great sofa bed for guests, they should be designed for a restful sleep. To help you find the right bed for your home, Tesco have put together a bed buying guide to make sure you always get your beauty sleep.

Choosing the right bed

When it comes to beds, there may be more selection out there than you think, and even though beds are all used for the same purpose, some are better suited to particular room shapes and layouts than others. The first thing to think about when buying a new bed is where it's going to go. Is it for a guest bedroom, master bedroom, or a child's bedroom? Or are you looking for a futon or sofa bed for the lounge?

A guest bed will be used far less than a double bed you sleep in every night, so it doesn't need to be as expensive. Similarly children may outgrow their beds every year, meaning you might not want to spend a fortune on your child's bedroom either.

Bed sizes

When you know what room the bed is going in, the next thing you need to decide is the size required. There are more sizes than just single and double, but fortunately beds come in standard measurements so it's easy to make sure you can find the right sized mattress and bedding materials. The standard bed sizes are:

Small single bed: Perfect for small alcoves or box bedrooms. Single beds measure two feet six inches in width.

Single bed: This is the standard size for single beds. They are exactly three feet wide.

Small double bed: At four feet wide a small double bed offers enough room for a couple in rooms where space is limited.

Double bed: These beds afford two people the room they need to sleep side by side in comfort, with a width of four feet six inches.

King size bed: For extra space and luxury a king size bed measures five feet wide and six feet six inches long.

SuperKing bed: SuperKing beds are the largest standard sizes available and they are six feet wide.

Bed frames

Most beds have a standard bed frame, and these come in a variety of styles, so there will no doubt be one that perfectly complements the design of your space.

Upholstered bed: Providing extra comfort, these frames are upholstered with either fabric, leather, or another soft material. This gives a warm and cosy feel to the bed, and a soft surface to lean against as you read a book or use your kindle before going to sleep.

Wooden bed frames: With the natural look that only comes with wood, this type of bed frame will complement both contemporary and traditional bedrooms.

Metal bed frames: Ideal for a room with a modern style, metal bed frames tend to have a stylish and clean look. Cream, black or silver frames offer a classic feel, while brighter colours can provide a vibrant feature set against plain walls.

Divan beds

A divan, or box-sprung bed, is simply a base for the mattress with either springs that flex around your body, or a solid base for firmer support. Various divan models also come with additional drawers, which boost your bedroom storage options. They allow for an optional headboard if desired.

Choosing the right bed base for your mattress ensures that you receive the appropriate level of support throughout the night.

Platform top: this is a solid top frame, which does not contain springs. A wooden frame is put together with an upholstered top. These are recommended to be used with orthopaedic mattresses but will suit anyone looking for a firmer bed.

Sprung base: this type of base provides an additional layer of springs across the top, which helps extend the life of your mattress and offers a more luxurious feel.

Storage: some divan bases also come with two and four drawer options providing you with additional storage space in your room.

Headboard: to complement your divan we have a selection of headboards to suit different homes. These range from upholstered damask through to bi-cast leather.

Children's beds

The main thing to remember when looking to buy a child's bed is that as your son or daughter gets taller they are likely to outgrow small beds. Invest in a standard sized single if you want to purchase a product that lasts for years.

Ever-popular choices for children's bedrooms include bunk beds, which are great for siblings who share a space, or cabin beds with storage underneath them for clothes, toys, books and games. When you lay out the furniture in a child's bedroom, bear in mind that you might have to put a larger bed in at some stage.

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