Simple modern living room design

Simple Modern Living Room Design ~

The living room should be a comfortable space where relaxing and unwinding is easy, which is why interior designers often focus on infusing the space with serenity and tranquility.This space can be an expression of personality, character and style, whether the decor is simple and minimalist, modern and eclectic or even rustic and vintage inspired, it should showcase everything that you love as the homeowner or resident.

So consider what major changes you can make to this room and search for design inspiration that will get your creative juices flowing. The flooring choice and wall colour or texture are some major design aspects to decide on, ensuring that your choice is tasteful and trendy for years to come. It is all about making smart choices that will remain in fashion for a few decades, this will save you time and money when you consider a quick revamp.

By choosing neutral colours you make it easier for the space adapted for style over time. This way you don’t have to fork out money again to paint your walls, reupholster your furniture or even change your floors again.

What living room design is right for me?

If you aren’t sure what design will be perfect for your persona, then think about the mood that you would like to create. Are you up for experimenting with interior design by adding some vibrant colour? Or would you prefer to play it safe with simple style additions? Now how about setting the mood for your interior, from comfortable and chic to romantic and elegant?

How about including something a bit more stylish in the form of an interesting art piece to your wall? It may be worthwhile to begin your decor project as a gradual process, add neutral furniture and colours and adapt the room as you like it. This means you can gradually change neutral curtains for something brighter and eye-catching that blends with similar scatter cushions and perhaps even a rug. A warm and welcoming palette for winter that will cozy your home quickly.

How about going floral to welcome the summer with some sensational patterns and paisleys? There are so many ways to add vivid style to this room without breaking the bank. So be smart when making any decor decision or get in touch with a homify expert for a free consultation.

What is a good colour choice for a living room?

While you can never go wrong with neutral and pastel shades colours, this can be a difficult choice, especially if vibrant and vivid colours are what attract your attention. But that doesn’t mean you need to overwhelm a room with a bright colour palette that distracts from the actual style of your home.

However, a great way to incorporate attractive colours in your home is to create a fun and vibrant accent wall feature and leave the rest of the walls neutral. Bolder colours can make it more interesting, modern and stylish and can also accentuate a style that you have incorporated into the living room. When it comes to choosing a colour of furniture, neutral colours such as cream, beige and grey can never be a bad choice as these colours will blend in with anything from pretty shades of pastel to bright and brilliance shades of neon, or how about some textured chevron patterns or even a few paisleys and polka dots?

Neutral furniture can be combined with scatter cushions and floor sweeping curtains to maximize the style, drama and elegance. If you need inspiration, browse through the photographs on homify to spark new ideas.

Flooring options for the living room

There are so many choices of flooring, from cozy and comfortable carpets that instantly warm up your decor, to natural and neutral wooden floors and concrete. The choice of flooring is one that will need to suit the individual, the needs of a family and even the rest of the decor.

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