Seating in Small living room

Space-Saving Design Ideas for Small Living Rooms

We love the multipurpose use of cocktail ottomans in living rooms today. They can play three roles: chic, fabric-covered tables, a place to rest your feet or extra seating for guests. When company arrives, clear off the serving tray and — voila! — turn it into seating for two. Design by Shazalynn Cavin Winfrey

Cool and Casual

Designer Emily Henderson plays into her love of eclectic styling by mixing various patterns, furnishings and accessories to create a light and airy living room with feminine charm. For more casual appeal, she added some oversized patterned throw pillows by the sofa. They're perfect for floor lounging, gathering 'round the coffee table and other cozy cushioning. Plus, they're an additional visual accent against the stark, white sofa and hardwood floors.

Everyone's Welcome

You can never have enough seating, especially in a small-space environment. Floor cushions are the perfect solution — you can stack them, place them anywhere and move them around with ease. Invite over as many people as you like — your square-footage is the limit. Design by Marie Burgos

Functional Decor

Let's face it — in an apartment, you just don't have any extra space to spare, so seating should be as functional as it is stylish. In this tiny living room, designer Jennifer Jones tucked a set of chic, patterned ottomans under a console table to keep them close by if needed. When they're not in use, they serve as stylish accessories among an eclectic color palette.

Disguised Comfort

Designer Andreas Charalambous is known for his ultramodern designs with sleek lines and straight edges. You would never imagine these giant, realistic stones are actually plush cushions that double as additional living room seating. They offer a sophisticated edge for this modern adult space, but are just playful enough for the kids, too.

Modern Daybed

This modern, backless daybed is ideal for an open and inviting living room design. Visually, it doesn't take up much space, but it provides just as much seating as a small sofa. What makes its backless form so functional is that it can be used as a bed or as a piece of traditional living room furniture. Design by SPI Design

Cool Modernity

This Bubble Chair may not be the most mobile seating option, but it's certainly a creative addition for modern living rooms that need a burst of color and a bit of art-inspired furniture. Design by Lori Dennis

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