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Dorm rooms have a reputation for being a bit institutional, cold, bland, and generally lacking in any sort of character or personalization. Yet just because they start out that way doesn’t mean that they have to stay that way all semester. There are numerous ways to make your dorm room a beautiful, inviting space that will make it less painful to have to stay in studying when your friends are going out. Here, we share some pins that feature some seriously amazing dorms and small living spaces that are sure to give you some great ideas for designing your ideal dorm room.

While you may not be able to paint the walls of your dorm this pretty purple, you can embrace the fabulous organization and design elements in this small room from PB Teen.

If minimalism is your style, then this hyper-organized white room will like get you excited about dorm life.

Not all beautiful dorm rooms on Pinterest are stereotypically feminine. This great room brings the outdoors in to create a space that’s appealing to men and women alike.

This pin offers a great idea for accenting the bland white walls of your door room by embracing bedding and accessories that come in bright, playful colors.

Trying to decorate your dorm room on a budget? This space uses IKEA items to create a bright, happy space.

Colorful lights, like those strung in this real-life dorm room, can help to make the space seem warm and inviting.

This dorm room combines old Hollywood glamour with modern design, creating a space that looks expensive without costing a pretty penny.

Another PBteen look, this room makes bunk beds look about as stylish as possible, even outfitting them with coordinating purple storage solutions.

Color-coordinated organizational tools keep them room looking neat and clean while providing lots of space for books, paper, and study supplies.

Interior designer Libby Langdon tackled the small space of a dorm room in this segment from Rachael Ray’s show. Click through to watch the video and get some tips for dorm room decorating.

You’ve never seen a dorm room this stylish! Alabama-based designers Katherine Bailey and Melissa Manifold of Moxii Design Studio used their skills to pull together this space that’s sure to inspire your own dorm decor.

For those who appreciate design elements that are modern and sleek, this dorm room space won’t disappoint. Arc lamps, modern art, and understated bedding make it all work together.

This dorm room uses a bookshelf from IKEA to divide up the space and to give each students a little privacy to work and sleep.

Using black, white, and small pops of color, this dorm room is cute and provides loads of storage for the lucky students who call it home.

If you’re the type who can’t get enough of pink, flowers, fluff, and frills, then you’ll appreciate this bright, cheerful, and extremely feminine room.

While this image isn’t from a dorm, it shows off a style that could make any small space, including a dorm, a great place to live.

In this space, bright colors and bold patterns work together to make things feel a bit more like home.

The lofted beds in this dorm provide a private space underneath that can be used to study or to store things that aren’t in use.

The decor in this bright and comfy dorm room was purchased entirely at Target, headquartered in Minnesota and IKEA, which has 38 stores in the U.S., including two in Maryland, one in North Carolina, and one in Georgia.

Look to this picture to get some great ideas for making any dorm room feel more like home. In this image, you’ll see how a lofted bed, colored lights, curtains, and photos can make a room.

Bright colors, interesting patterns, artwork, and loads of creative elements make this room a true source of inspiration for dorm design.

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