Neutral Living room Decor

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Many homeowners want neutral-colored living rooms because, except for the foyer, it's the first room that guests see upon entering. The thinking is that one can have vibrant, goofy colors and exotic accent walls in the back of the house, but the front had better present a sober face. I suppose it's the same as they say about mullets: party in the back, business in front.

If that's you, then here are some attractive but non-offensive colors for your quasi-public area. But just remember that neu...MOREtral paint colors aren't just three shades of gray. Instead, they run the gamut, from warm to cool neutrals. Warm neutrals get warmer by the addition of yellow, orange, or red. Cool neutrals cool down by adding green, blue, or violet.

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Taupe is often derided as being "mousy" (indeed, one variation of taupe is referred to as a mouse). But taupe can have accents, ranging from brown to sandy to pale to purple.

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