narrow room layout

Floor Plan AFLFPW75875 - 1 Story Narrow Lot HomeUrban areas tend to have smaller, narrow lots because land is in short supply. Homes may be built quite close together, but sometimes have surprisingly deep rear yards with plenty of room to roam. Both smaller single family homes and detached rowhouses are popular floor plans for a narrow lot. Square footage can be maximized by building three stories high or more. For those with a tight budget, start small with future plans for expansion either at the rear or with additional stories.

Build any style of home, whether a quaint Victorian, cozy Bungalow or traditional Cape Cod on a narrow lot. Let exterior details define the style and play up the vertical orientation with thin columns, narrow windows or a steeply pitched roof. A small front porch might add curb appeal, as will a variety of building materials.

Narrow lot house plans have the possibility of being more affordable due to the smaller lot, but this could be offset in a pricey in-town neighborhood. The square footage of this type of house can vary depending on the number of stories. A small cottage or bungalow may be only one story in 1, 000 square feet or less, while a rowhouse could be 3 stories or more with 4, 000 square feet to boot. The interior space must be planned well for the most efficient layout. An open plan is still possible, especially with several stories where vaulted ceilings and numerous tall windows can be employed to open the space.

Because the home is narrower and may only be two rooms wide, sunlight is maximized for better energy efficiency and light can penetrate throughout the house. Employ tall narrow windows from floor to ceiling and site them on the Southern side of the house to warm the home in winter and provide natural light in summer.

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