Houzz Living Rooms with Sectional

Sectionals are beloved in family rooms and dens for their big, cushy comfort and versatility. Why not bring that laid-back vibe to your backyard too? This goes-anywhere piece has a lot to offer, from flexible party seating to indoor-outdoor living.

JDS Outdoor Designs, original photo on Houzz

1. An outdoor sectional is perfect for parties. If you love to entertain, an outdoor sectional makes indoor-outdoor party flow even more seamless. Leave the entire sectional together to make an inviting spot for guests to sit and chat, or divide it up to create multiple conversation groups.

2. An outdoor sectional can fill up a large space with ease. Have a massive deck to fill? Let a sectional come to the rescue. You can add as many pieces as you need, and if you ever move to a home with a differently configured outdoor space, you can use the modular pieces in a different way.

3. An outdoor sectional is relaxed and laid-back. That big expanse of cushions is just begging to be sprawled out (or even napped) on. Just the thing when the vibe you are going for in your outdoor space is more chill zone than buttoned-up and proper.

Sectional: Tillary Outdoor Modular Seating, West Elm

Debra Lynn Henno Design, original photo on Houzz

4. An outdoor sectional can be elegant. Not all sectionals leave it all hanging out. Some (such as the one shown here) have a bit more polish, while still being superbly comfortable. If sleek and elegant are what you seek, look for a sectional with clean lines and finishes that would look just as appropriate in the (indoor) living room.

5. An outdoor sectional can make your porch the place to be. The big, comfy cushions are perfect for lounging, curling up with a good book, catching up with friends or even sneaking in a little afternoon nap. It fits more people than the typical love seat-and-chairs combo and is delightful to lounge on when it’s just you.

M/I Homes, original photo on Houzz

6. An outdoor sectional can make a small space feel luxurious. Whether you have a small patio, deck or terrace, filling the space with a big, comfy sectional is a great way to maximize seating and make a luxurious first impression. Finish off this polished look with a large outdoor rug and small tables or stools that can be moved right where you need them.

7. An outdoor sectional can curve. Wondering how to make your fire pit even more inviting? Surround it with a curved sectional. There is something so welcoming about the curved shape — it’s sure to become the most popular spot in your backyard.

8. An outdoor sectional can warm up a modern space. Modern outdoor spaces with lots of hard surfaces and sharp angles can look a bit cold if you’re not careful. Make sure yours strikes the right balance by warming things up with a big, cushy sectional. Look for low-slung modular pieces with a contemporary feel to enhance your space.

Envision Landscape Studio, original photo on Houzz

9. A sectional can define an outdoor room. A hefty sectional acts like another wall in this hillside backyard, creating a cozy area to hang out around the fire. Use a sectional in your own yard or patio to define the edges of your outdoor room, and it’s sure to draw guests in (and make them want to stay).

Adam Scougall, original photo on Houzz

10. An outdoor sectional is flexible. It can be used together or apart, with cushions or without, and could even be used indoors as particularly hardy furnishings for a playroom or other super-high-traffic space. And because you can purchase the components separately, you get to choose exactly how much seating you need (or even add on over time).

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