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Coffee tables are so much more than just a place to rest your drink or TV snack. A coffee table can accent a room and add an element of class or style. One does not need a large coffee table to do this. Small coffee tables can be even more effective as they can make a style statement and still provide added storage. Best of all, small coffee tables do not inhibit movement throughout your room in the same way large coffee tables can.

If you haven’t considered storage in your living room furniture plans, you may wish to reconsider. Ensure that you never lose the TV remote again by adding small coffee tables with drawers to your floor plan.

Even a small coffee table can become the focal point of your living room, so long as it complements the other pieces in the room. A well placed coffee table naturally facilitates conversation, making one ideal for rooms where one may host guests.

Small coffee tables or side tables can contribute as much to comfort as they can to style. When you need a moment to yourself to unwind, there is nothing quite like leaning back in your favorite reclining chair and picking up a magazine to read. Place a small coffee table next to your rocker recliner with a magazine rack and reading light to complete the picture.

Speaking of reading, you may wish to consider adding a floor or table lamp to the room as well. We’ve got lamps of every size, shape and style you could ever imagine. You’re sure to find the lamp to make your room really shine.

Shop online or at one of our convenient locations near you. Bassett Furniture offers a wide variety of small coffee tables from traditional to contemporary, distressed wood to sleek metal, so you’re sure to find the furniture piece that speaks to your style and sensibilities.

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