Best Couches for Small living Rooms

Small living room with sectional sofaSmall living room with sectional sofaDo you want a sectional sofa for a small living or family room? Check out these 23 modern sectional sofas for small spaces.

Not everyone has a 1, 000 square foot living room. In fact, 1, 000 square feet is the sum total of many apartments and condos. I’ve spent a significant part of my adult life living in apartments approximately 1, 000 square feet.

Previously I wrote about my first sofa buying adventure where I chose a beautiful red sofa that I couldn’t get into my apartment. I had to return it and find something smaller.

Except, I ended up with a bigger sofa. How? I bought a smallish sectional sofa. Because it’s 3 pieces, I could easily get into my apartment and arrange to fit my apartment.

While sectional sofas are often used in large family rooms and basements, they can also be an excellent sofa choice for small spaces. The key is finding the right one.

What’s considered a small sectional?

  • 70″ to 79″ wide is very small.
  • 80″ to 100″ wide is small.
  • 100″ to 120″ wide is a reasonably small relative to many large sectionals.

These days “modern” sectionals are popular. They’re really Mid-century modern, but I’m not going to split hairs. Most people search for modern sectionals and the stores call them that, so I’ll play along.

Don’t necessarily confuse small with cheap. Yes, some of our featured small sectionals are on the lower end of the price spectrum, but not all. If you’re looking for inexpensive sectionals – see our as well as .

What follows is a great gallery of 30 modern sectional sofas for small spaces.

1. Wayfair

Light brown chaise lounge modern sectionalWhat I love about Wayfair is their huge living room furniture selection, which is easy to navigate because they have one of the best search filters I’ve seen with online furniture merchants.

Moreover, Wayfair offers a great selection of inexpensive modern sofas that will work in smaller rooms.

to search for more sectionals at Wayfair.

Below are 14 great options:

Modway Loft Leather Sectional

Size: 30.5″ H x 91.5″ W x 63.5″ D Weight: 193 pounds

Here’s a great Mid-century modern light brown sectional with stainless steel frame (with exposed stainless steel legs).

While the color isn’t the most popular choice for people, it works great in white living rooms or rooms with plenty of wood.

Note – you can detach the chaise lounge from the loveseat to create more seating options.

Creative Furniture Manhattan Chaise Sectional

Size: 33.5″ H x 94″ W x 38.5″ D / Weight: 305 pound

This is my favorite small sectional. I love the contrasting colors, sleek design and it’s extremely comfortable with plug seating cushions and back cushions. An added benefit are the platform tables on each end… although these do add to the size, which may preclude it as an option in very small spaces.

It’s a sturdy build with a wood frame (just look at the that foundation). It’s like a platform couch, which looks great and is very sturdy.

Gold Sparrow Detroit Convertible Sectional

Sofa Size: 28.35″ H x 79.13″ W x 31.5″ D / Weight: 103.62 pounds

Sleek modern plush L-shaped sectionalHere’s a classic Mid-century modern style sofa in grey with chrome legs.

It’s a under 80″ in width, which is very small and would fit in most small living rooms, yet comfortably accommodate 2 people (one lucky person stretching out on the chaise lounge portion).

Note, the cushions can be removed/rearranged.

Poundex Bobkona Sectional Sofa/Ottoman

Size: 37″ H x 110″ W x 72″ D / Weight: 241 pounds

Poundex Bobkona is an extremely popular sectional brand usually garnering excellent customer reviews.

This black leather chaise lounge style sectional is a great look for most rooms. It can work in a more formal setting or a casual living/family room.

Hokku Designs

Size: 31″ H x 78″ W x 25″ D / Weight: 160 pounds

With Hokku, you’re definitely getting the latest in modern furniture and their sectionals are no exception.

This particular model is a conservative modern design that would work great in a less formal living room… and it’s mighty comfortable.

Look closely, you’ll see the legs are chrome plated which provides a strong base and looks great. Otherwise, it’s a wood frame.

Creative Furniture Bella Sectional

Size: 39″ H x 92″ W x 44″ D / Weight: 350 pounds

One of our few L-shaped sectionals that make our list, this option by Creative Furniture offers plenty of seating for 3 people, yet it’s relatively small measuring well under 100″ in width.

Materials include leather, wood frame and high density foam.

Gus Modern Jarvis Bi-Sectional

Size: 31″ H x 96″ W x 72″ D / Weight: 176 pounds

Here’s something a little different. The two pieces fit together or look great separated.

At 72″ in width when combined, this is about as small of a sectional you’ll find. The neutral grey works in most rooms – especially white, black and even rooms with plenty of color.

Pangea Home Nolan Sectional

Size: 30″ H x 102″ W x 70″ D / Wt. 210 pounds

Here’s a beautiful chocolate brown chaise lounge sectional that’s very Mid-century modern in design. While it’s slightly wider than 100″ in width, it’s still of a size that can work in many smaller living room areas.

What I especially like about this design is it works great in both formal and informal rooms.

Small grey chaise lounge sectional sofa Black leather modern chaise lounge small sectional Black chaise lounge style sectional sofa L-shaped black small sectional

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